Chairman Message

The Hindu College of Education has been designed as a student centre of excellence and ever expanding horizons of education. we aim at producing dynamic teachers empowered to meet the manifold challenges a headed in an ever growing competitive environment. we do not take education just a matter of learning how to teach, but how to become a good human beings. Institute is committed to march ahead achieving still greater and new horizons. Each one of us, whosoever is involved with this esteemed institution- right from the top to the bottom has to contribute to this pious task of taking our college forward to counter the new challenges with the changing times. Besides a highly motivated, qualified and experienced faculty. We have in our Advisory Board of highly experienced scholars who bring a global flavour to our world class teaching. On behalf of the institute, I extend my heartiest greetings to all those who seek the best in education and search for excellence in every atom of our being. I firmly believe that everything is possible if we have ‘never say die’ spirit. No barriers can stand in our way, no storm can retard acceleration if we believe that success is never ending and failure is never final.