Vision and Mission

To maximize the effort to induce the spirit of professionalism imbued with ethics among prospective teachers to the needs of the prevailing society.

To open up the doors of teacher education in the northern region with a view to provide the very access to teacher education for those to when it was a distant dream.

Creating an paradigm in education, leading to learner’s empowerment in all spheres of life.

The core values of the institute that we emphasize are to develop a cohesive group functioning in the emerging scenario of globalization, privatization and liberalization.
Following are the objective of the institution:

  • To foster a desire among pupil teachers for life long learning.
  • To enhance and sustain the quality in teaching. Learning and evaluation.
  • To enable them to understand the integration of technology and classrooms instruction to make the teaching & learning effective.
  • To encourage pupil teacher to participate in extention activity.
  • To undertake new and innovative programmes to  strengthen the monitoring system of the institution.